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Pastors Phillip and Maribel Morris have ministered in England, Europe, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Philippines and several states in the USA.

They are available to travel locally, nationally, and internationally to teach and minister in deliverance and spiritual warfare. For appointments, consultations, speaking engagement scheduling.

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  1. Nadine Smith says:

    Dr Morris and Shannon Davis,

    Thank you so much for the teaching and deliverance on “Soul Ties”.

    I learned so much and received so much help also.

    Dr. Morris I met you at The Int. Spiritual Warfare Conference in Beaumont Texas in March. Still have so much to learn. Have a heart to learn. We can find no help in Oregon at the present time. You are so far away. My heart is to receive help and to in turn to help others too. My husband is not there yet though BUT he will be I believe.

    Our Father God bless you and your wife this day,

    Nadine Smith in Oregon

  2. Phil Morris says:

    Hi Nadine, thank you so much for your encouraging words. Just wanted to tell you about our warfare conference coming up October 28-30. It’s going to be awesome. We have great speakers and I hope you can make it…
    Also, Dr. Morris does travel to other States to minister. He just got back from South Carolina, where he minstered in a Bible College and at a church. So please let me know if we can be of assistance.

    Restoration Church

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