1609 Jones Road
Highlands, Texas USA 77562-4337

Office: 281.843.4000

Pastors Phillip and Maribel Morris have ministered in England, Europe, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Philippines and several states in the USA.

They are available to travel locally, nationally, and internationally to teach and minister in deliverance and spiritual warfare. For appointments, consultations, speaking engagement scheduling.

2 Comments to Contact

  1. nancy bigelow says:

    Do you have adult rehabilation where people live there?

  2. rest8873 says:

    Hi, Nancy

    We have a residential program where people come in for a couple of weeks to be ministered to, but at the present we are not taking anyone. We have an outpatient program where people come in a couple of times a week until they get well.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Pastor Maribel Morris

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